Leonie Creme Bodysuit

Embrace elegance and comfort with our Leonie one-shoulder bodysuit, featuring a seamless and ultra-soft design. The asymmetrical cut offers a chic, modern aesthetic, while the Brazilian-style cheeky back coverage adds a versatile usage. Crafted from premium Brazilian lycra composed of 90% polyamide and 10% spandex, this suit ensures a figure-flattering, non-transparent fit. Note: This style is best suited for a standard torso length. If you have a longer torso or fuller bust, we recommend sizing up or contacting us for personalized sizing advice.

Size Chart

Bust (Inches) Hips (Inches)
XS From 32 to 34 From 24 to 25
S From 34 to 35 From 25 to 26
M From 35 to 36 From 26 to 27
L From 36 to 38 From 28 to 29
XL From 38 to 40 From 30 to 31