About us

Founded by a passionate woman driven by her desire to share her personal essentials with the world, our online shop has grown from a platform for lifestyle, clothing, and handmade creations to a fully established enterprise.

Our values are deeply rooted in celebrating femininity, embracing minimalism, promoting an active lifestyle, upholding elegance, endorsing a good life, and appreciating beautiful essentials.

We firmly believe in the power of simplicity, recognizing it as the ultimate form of elegance. We advocate for a humble mindset and consciously aim to make more eco-friendly decisions in our business operations.

Our approach to retail is thoughtful and deliberate; we focus on smaller inventories and limited quantities to circumvent mass production. We strive to protect the environment by utilizing recycled materials in our line of swimsuits, which proudly carry the ECONYL® certification (an Oeko-Tex certification ensuring the absence of harmful chemicals in fabric dyeing). With every stitch and seam, our label, designed in Canada, embodies our commitment to sustainable fashion.

Our dedication to sustainability extends beyond our own creations. As part of our re-must initiative, we are deeply invested in promoting second-hand clothing. We meticulously curate vintage items, providing a platform for our customers to indulge their love for timeless fashion.