Gold plated Lowe ring

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Our beach summery Accents are now here.  Carefully chosen to embrace your summer glow, these details will surely leave others staring. Quality handmade accents made with delicate care. 

This ring is made from stainless steel.

Plated twice with 18 k gold plating.

 Each piece comes in a soft pink embossed Hermust  Faux suede protective pouch.


pearls need special attention. Take good care of them. Our gold plated items will stay nice and beautiful with time if you take great care. Salty water or skin friction may cause the shine to loose its shine with time if worn in salty water. We recommend taking your jewels off in the shower to avoid contact with harsh soap. 


  • Vermeil Gold plating quality 
  •  stainless steal base detail
  • hypoallergenic 


behind the brand

Get To Know H E R


"Really loving your pieces and the clean Lines"


Je suis tellement contente de mes maillots ! je les adore!


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