How to keep a HEALTHY SKIN


Laetitia Gougeon @laeticiagougeon_  wearing HERMUST


We all have different skin types, colours or textures, 
which makes it hard to figure out exactly how to treat our own.
However, we gathered some universal tips that could help you keep a healthy skin everyday.


1. Minimize sun exposure and wear sunscreen ! 

As you know, sun rays can be very damaging on your skin. You don't necessarily feel it but on long term, you could develop dangerous skin diseases.
It is very important to increase your sunscreen use and add it to your daily routine. Keeping a barrier is essential to preserve the skin's health and youth. Facial skin is one of the most sensitive and most exposed part of your body. A few products we love and have heard to be great are the following.

Sephora supergroup organic sunscreen. Spf 50. 


2- Choose the healthier way to look tanned !

Using tanning oils is a very bad habit that so many people still promote.

unfortunately, this is one of the most harmful things you could do to your sensitive skin. This can lead to heavy skin problems including Skin cancer.

That’s the reason why a good alternative to getting a glowy bronzed looking skin is to use an organic and entirely safe self-tanner. Note,  self-tanner is not a UV protection. It is still important to wear sunscreen to really protect your skin from the harmful uv rays. 


3. Exfoliate with sea salts Scrubs

Dead cells not only block the pores with time, but make the skin drier and duller.This is why, added to your daily cleansing, exfoliating both face and body,  is very important for proper skin health. 

It was proven that dead sea salt as well as grounded coffee beans can help strengthen skin tissues,  improving blood circulation and eliminating toxins.

For facial exfoliation, using scrubs that include soothing essential oils would be the best option to even your skin tones while avoiding it getting dry. Please note here that it is always recommended to speak to a specialist or dermatologist concerning more intensive home spa treatments in order to discuss what's the best option for your own skin.

Exfoliating can be done about two to three times a week, not more.


osea Salts, organic scrub from the Detoxmarket

The virtuous circle face scrub, organic choice from The Detoxmarket. 


4. Pick clean organic skin moisturizers

Knowing which ingredients to look for in order to better moisturize,  is one of the most important key tips.  Many chemical ingredients live among skin products on the current market. Here are two of them, which we consider harmful and think should be avoided !
SLS + SLES — Sulfates and Phthalates.

Sulfates are mainly present in soaps or shampoos but could be included in some skincare lotions. They dry out the skin very quickly and can harm the skin barriers all together.

The skin barrier  ](or the acid mantle of your skin) is a protective film naturally secreted on your skin. This protective barrier is made up of natural oils, fatty acids, amino acids and lactic acid and provides an acidic environment to prevent the formation of bacteria. If your skin barrier is healthy, it  then protects your skin from bacterias, fungus, diseases and most environmental pollutants.]

It has also been said that Phthalates could alter hormonal balance and potentially cause reproductive health problems. We are not professionals and wish to inform you in the most humble manors about these researched informations. However, we do recommend choosing the most organic, non-chemical, sulfate-free beauty products.




5. Drink lots of water

your body is mostly Water ! 
Water is the most important element to include in your daily health routine, especially when thinking about your external barrier  Your skin reflects your body's hydration.  Drinking throughout the day is the best way to keep a fresh skin glow.

Water eliminates toxins, improves your concentration boosts your energy level, transports nutrients and oxygen through all different parts of your body, including your skin.

With all those tips, you should be good giving your skin a little treat!


Written by Ariane-Florence Giraldeau