Vintage has been the most trendy wave for a few years now.
Lots of brands launched vintage-looking collections or items but let's be honest, the real vintage is simply the best with each and every piece that exists in this world, having its own story to tell.

Here are 5 essentials to keep in your staples wardrobe if you're a real vintage lover like us!


1. A classic men's shirt.

Usually worn oversized , this is the summum of comfort.
Pair it with your fave pair of jeans to create an effortless, yet put-together look anytime you want, any season you want.

Hermust's vintage Aquascutum White men's shirt.

Marie sophie wilson, Lynne koester and Tatjana Patitz wearing comme des garçons by Peter Lindbergh

2. An oversize blazer.

This will be the statement piece of your closet.
It's good to be able to wear staples all-year long. Wearing it large and loosely is actually the best way to do it. This item will upgrade any of your looks in the blink of an eye . Look for natural fibres and quality fabric when buying vintage knits or blazers. The best way to layer an outfit with a heavy knit and blazer is by keeping your clothing breathable, which means the composition often avoids synthetic fibres such as polyester. 

Hermust 's vintage Hugo Boss Linen Blazer. 


lady Diana in her effortless elegance.

3. A Large oversized Trench coat 

Pair tit with a loose t-shirt and vintage denims. Add gold chains to create the perfect boss look. Roll the hem and put on some sneaks or loafers and you're out the door !  Vintage , and effortlessly stylish ! 

vintage Hermust  aquascutum trench coat.

vintage hermust parm color trench coat.


4. A large crew neck sweatshirt.

If you want the Lady Di look, it all starts with this item.
Paired with biker shorts, white socks and and sneakers, your spring wardrobe will now be complete! And what about adding a leather vintage-looking watch to make it even classier? Trust us, you won't regret it!

 hermust's vintage sporty sweatshirt

Lady Diana. Classic sport chic look.

5. A vintage handbag or shoulder bag.

A Must that lasts forever. We all need at least one in our closet. We think it's worth investing in a very good quality pre-loved handbag as we know it will never run out of style. It's also good to break a very cozy look with these kind of accessories as they mix with any style ! 

@haileyBieber for Vogue Paris 2019


Hermust Photoshoot with Speedy 40 classic bag size for sport.


Text written by Arianne Giraldeau.
March 15 th, 2021.