America's first super model Gia Carangi by Francesco Scavullo
for Vogue US, May 1980. RIP.In memory of this beautiful and first openly gay model,
who unfortunately fell into the dark world of drugs. Too soon after, she died of Aids.  




Imagine  living in the 1980's, a decade without internet or smartphone, listening to your Walk man in pure freedom. Living your best life. A decade in which occidental culture changed for the better.  A liberated wave hit a  generation of blow-dried hair and self-expression at its best. This is when different musical trends, hip hop, new wave, pop, electro. Appeared in the entire America and influenced people in their own way. Speaking freedom and recklessness - self expression was very present and there were no social taboos.

It was a time when independent radio stations were allowed, where more raw subjects were discussed and debated. People were discovering something fresh, something new, different creative ways to express themselves and create their own identity. A big and beautiful cultural mix was emerging, people coming altogether to make only one world. 

A lot of humanitarian causes were created .  AIDS, USA for Africa,  as a huge wave of care for society and minorities was rising. Artists, actors and public icons started investing time and heart in these multiple causes and that made a huge social difference. They became the voice of society, and were more "accessible".




Iman in all-denim, 1980's









HERMUST Vintage Patriots wind blocker




Society changed in all its facets during that decade, but it was also when fashion became fun: Thierry Mugler, Kenzo, Jean-Paul Gaultier and other edgy designers were ascending and being known for their marginality - think about Madonna and her iconic Gaultier scene outfit. No need to say no more!


Women wearing men's clothes also became a huge thing: Plaid shirts, polos, jeans, t-shirts, blazers... The oversize look became a must in the streetwear world!



HERMUST vintage HUGO BOSS blazer

Let's not forget about the neon colours. The free spirit mindset was being communicated in people's outfits, no matter where they came from. 1980's fashion was an artistic phenomenon itself.








We simply love the 80's because of all of the different influences they were built on, either in society, culture or fashion.









Written by Ariane Florence Giraldeau