4 Things we like about the 80's.

January 1st, 1980. In the air, something was changing. The decade was starting, filled with hope, energy and total boldness. A wave of creativity possessed all artists and a joyful wind contaminated the romantics while a fizzy economical strike made life feel like heaven on earth. In this new decade, the lifestyle of the 80's would prove itself prolific.
Among the birth of Apple and Microsoft,  Gameboys or Nintendos, many symbolic inventions would see the light, becoming pioneers to the greater virtual world of our modern age.
New fashion senses, cultural ways, music albums, Iconic movies, and fashion trendsetters would be born in the 80's, later becoming unforgettable legends. 
The magic of the 80's remained undefeated through the years. Now, more than 30 years have passed, and we still reminisce the nostalgic sides of these magical years.
A couple trends and mind sets still entirely fashionable now and making a huge come back In 2021 are the following. 
1- The grainy polaroid style filter.

2- Being sporty, say bye to bony ! Have some muscles and tone your arms.

1985, No more taboos. Lets embrace the curves they thought ! Lets be proud to be women. The women were hittingt the gym to show off and flaunt their beautiful curves.
For us, the 80's vision of women's bodies was the most healthy. Before the 80's women stayed covered and ashamed.  In the 80's, women uncovered their beautiful curves with confidence ! They also promoted a healthy lifestyle, muscles and an active lifestyles!
Later, sadly, in the early 1990's, the pop culture and modelling world both started encouraging a skinnier , unhealthy and distorted body image. Being curvy was not recognized as the most iconic look.
That was the saddest moment for the new era of the 2000. Being overly skinny, extremely lean, androgenis, was now a favorable look for fashion and all major icons. However, women are not born to be child like skinny.
They are naturally curvy, and that's exactly how they should be embraced. Fortunately  after 2 decades of mental illness regarding the society 's unhealthy trend, the healthy look and emancipation and acceptance of curves and fat, or simply , of women's natural body weight has come back ! 
Cindy Crawford 80's  healthy lifestyle fitness videos. 
3- Be a Boss woman ! 
Wear your men's trousers and walk the street like a total badass. The women of the 80's were super confident and assumed their emancipation and bold feminist attitude. Being the boss, working as equal to men and fighter to rock the office the same way men did ! Feminism was about finding equality, being recognized as equal to men, earning the same respect and wearing the masculine shoulder pads with confidence. 
4- Add volume to your hair ! 
The 80's Vogue hair dos and the classic influence of Farrah Fawcett in the 80's turn the hair culture to voluminous ends. Let's embrace that volume again ! 
 Brook Shield. Vogue cover.
written by Jess Metni.