1- Wall chair  / once a day ! 

Having toned legs is key for the summer. Keep a healthy routine, and go for long walks, hikes, or small jogs. If you're not used to running, we don't recommend drastically starting to run 15 km everyday for the sake of your knees. It's actually just as good to slowly walk uphill. This way it won't overuse your knees and you'll still see and feel the results.
Now, if you don't have time to go out for long escapes, all you need to do is lock a 5 min break in your daily calendar. Anywhere you are !  Put an alarm on your phone and when it beeps, do it! Don't ask questions, don't push it , wherever you are, find a wall and pretend you're sitting on an imaginary chair by leaning on it.
Do this for 5 minutes no pause, holding the position by lowering your chore up and down depending on how difficult you want it to be. Start a bit more angle, and gradually work yourself through the perfect 90 degree chair position, straightl, shoulders touching the wall. I promise, if you can do this 5 minutes everyday, your quads and tibial hamstrings will start feeling a lot tighter. 
2 - scrub and dry brush the circulation and blood flow
Dry brushing or scrubbing is the new way to go.  The idea is that the rough brush hair will help remove dead skin and improve the skin's ability to regenerate, while activating blow flow and helping circulation flush unwanted toxins by promoting lymph flow/drainage.This can help cellulite but won't entirely get rid of it . 
3-  Always keep a Luna Bronze organic self Tan.
Now that you have exfoliated those legs with the dry brush ritual, why not take habit of applying a nice layer of  organic self tanner  twice a week. Having tanned legs automatically makes them look tighter and toner. 
4- Rubber bands / do the reps! ( 3 x12 ) each leg !
 Rubber bands are cheap and highly effective. They offer a range of many exercises you can do anywhere at any time. They're so easy to carry around and pack in your suitcase. No more worries about not having your gym close by on vacation, just bring the elastics and do some reps on the beach or in your room.
Here are a few exercises for leg toning we recommend to do 3 times a weeks. 

1- On the knees SIDE KICKS
2- On the knees  DONKEY KICKS
3- Elastic Front SQUATS
4- Standing leg BACK KICK
5- Standing Leg SIDE KICK

Nothing happens without efforts !  Work it Out !