The minimalist brands we love at HERMUST

Simplicity is Elegance. Our motto and what we live by at HERMUST. the label.
Minimalism can be applied to many different ideologies and habits. Being a minimal buyer, a minimal consumer, a minimalist decorator,  or a minimalist fashionista. Regardless of your approach, we thought it would be interesting to share our most favourite minimalist companies.
Firstly, lets start by clarifying that minimalism applies in each style and era. A simple destroyed denim, paired with that old biker jacket  is just as beautiful as an A line retro dress. Each style and era can carry a unique minimalist essence. Minimalist can apply to everything in design. Home interior, clothing, home accessories, plants. It's a way of design that appreciates  clean cuts, geometric lines and an effortless visuals.
How about a minimalist way of decorating your little nest. We tend to clutter up and accumulate loads of things we don't need. It not only ends up feeling and looking messy, but it also accumulates a bad  Feng Shui around the corners of your home.
A minimal decor can help you feel more organized and actually stimulate you to clean more often and keep that room in order. Clean lines, clean minds.
Anything you want from Dining room tables to Desktop card holder, they have it ! A Great spot to find everything you need for your home. Not for every budget, but saving up for certain key pieces is often a good investment ! 
Some people like to have a more refined approach to every single  item in their decor.  It can happen that even the ping pong table has to be part of the mood and fit the standards ! At HORNE, you can really please your epicurean tastes.

Unison is a complete guide to finding the great accessories and furnitures for your house at reasonable price points !

The website will definitely make you salivate. Everything from Home deco to Outdoor furnitures.

The perfect minimalist girl style guide. She offers straight cut dresses, fun flats, minimal bags and some great jewelries ! Gold artsy sculpted earrings are definitely the MUST have of the summer.
LOQ shoes.
The entire collection is way to beautiful ! The mood is spotless, the collection is gorgeous, and their product is top quality. We love their style and definitely recommend them shoes to the elegant minimal girl. The retro Italian summer dreamer or  the classy linear woman.

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Have a great minimalist summer , and  never forget that simplicity is elegance.