Deep navy ocean, soft blue sky, aged cedar shingled homes, fisherman villages, and American flags dancing away in the salty wind of each white porch. What more can I say of Maine, other than that it has won my heart in the last year by its humble, yet unique beauty.

Let's start by my ultimate favourite. The Portland Coffee must-go. More and Co is a cute shop and coffee restaurant I really feel offers a great retro and minimal design to Maine. This place just feels so right , I never miss a chance to go. 

Pine Point Beach / Maine.

I have not seen all of Maine yet but the bucket list is on. Now, if you 're like me and live in a day to day movie scenarios, you're probably also trying to find visually pleasing places and restaurants everywhere you go. It goes beyond the taste for us doesn't it ! Hehe. It 's very important we live our moments in the proper settings. 

Therefore, here are some totally picture worthy and really amazing shops, beach sides  and restaurants I have hunted down in Maine and think are worth the drive. I consider these  a  " MUST- GO "  if you get a chance to plan a Trip to that side of the world. 


  • Drifter's Wife ( Portland )
  • Hidden Pond and earth Restaurant ( Portland)
  • Forage Market ( Portland )
  • Home remedies ( Portland )
  • Lb. kitchen  ( Portland )
  • Eventide ( Portland)
  • Flood's ( Portland )
  • Fiachre ( Portland ) 
  • Palace ( Biddeford )
  • More and Co. ( South Yarmouth)
  • The Garrisson ( Yarmouth )
  • Salt and Steel ( Bar Harbor )
  • Thunder hole ( Bar Harbor )
  • Cliff house ( York )
  • Tops'l Farm ( Waldoboro )


For a simple morning french toasts, I've heard this place is among the bests. 

The hidden Pond is a gorgeous little country style hidden resort located in York, not too far from Kennebunk. Perfect for a long stay in the hotel resort or for a nice dinner at their exclusive restaurant. This restaurant called Earth and has a delicious menu. It also offers private cabins for group dinners

Look at this gorgeous decor !  Drifter's wife is probably the sexiest restaurant of Maine. I personally have a big crush on it and I cannot wait to Eat there again.  Located in Portland, one of the main touristic areas of Maine. 

Now, here are two more places I recommend while in Portland.  Flood's is known to be great for traditional American food and lobsters.  Not fancy but amazing for Lunch. Another cute place I think is worth stopping by at Fiachre, a humble flower and book shop. You can also find some pots and mosaic art out there,  while smelling the flowers. :)

Salt and Steel is among the best Foodie stops in Bar Harbor, northern Maine. Established in 2019, it sources fresh local products daily. The two chefs are so full of talent and the restaurant offers amazing plates and exquisite presentation. Each plate is like a work of art. 

For the best bagels out there, how about going to Portland's forage market. I can confirm they 're pretty amazing! The place is cute and feels perfect for a coffee break and a good old bagel sandwich.  

For a trip to Yarmouth, I recommend The Garrisson. Super trendy design decor you will love to capture on camera.  

Below, two more places I wouldn't miss in Portland.

One of them is, LB kitchen. A local coffee shop that feels welcoming and cosy.  The other one is called Home Remedies. A furniture shop that also holds some textiles and beautiful home accessories. 

A beautiful hotel, sitting on the edge of the ocean's reefs, is the Cliff house. In South York, this hotel is highly reputed and has amazing ocean view rooms. Great for a relaxing time close to the ocean. 

The other place is  Higher north on the Map of Maine. IF you ever have a chance to drive up north to the National Park of Harbor , you must go to the thunder hole.  A Natural rock cliff and exceptional water show. 

Now, how about a little Glamping up in the woods of Waldoboro. Look at these cute tents ! Based in the woods, close to a lake, hit the road and go camping in glamorous ways in this amazing scenery. 


Now, here is a Map of The cities where these must-go paces have been found. This gives you

a good idea of where and how to go from the south to the north of MAINE. 


The last place I have found is for the Sea food lovers. Lobster and oyster lovers will love this place. The Eventide restaurant is a great spot for the typical surf dinners. 

Below is a Map